Mohbad’s mother blast those claiming her grandson resemble Sam Larry (video) ‎

The mother of late Nigerian singer Mohbad has spoken out against the claim that her grand-son, Liam resemblance to Sam Larry, the music promoter who accused of assaulting him during her son’s lifetime.

Recall that some the wife of late Mohbad, Wunmi was accused by some Nigerians over infidelity and many are calling for a DNA test for her son.

In a viral video circulating online, a group of young men, purportedly family members, paid a visit to the grieving mother of the departed singer. They engaged in a conversation concerning the paternity of Mohbad’s son.

With heavy hearts, Mohbad’s mother clutched a large portrait of her son, while another woman cradled her grandson and shared tender moments with him.

Amidst the discussion, one of the young men questioned why someone would suggest that Liam bears a resemblance to Sam Larry. In response, Mohbad’s mother sagely remarked, “People often say things that will come back to haunt them”

Watch the video below:

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