“I Made the First Move”: 60-Year-Old Woman Dating 27-Year-Old Man Gushes over Him in Video, Professes Love

A 60-year-old woman, Yusta Lucas, is ready to lose all for her young lover, a 27-year-old, as they are set to tie the knot

Yusta was smitten by her lover, noting that she viewed him as her husband and she smooched him during an interview

The lady said that to her lover; she was the most beautiful woman and was not afraid of anyone or anything

Ageless love

In an interview with Mbengo TV, the elderly lady Yusta Lucas revealed she was married before but her first husband died.

She noted she was lonely for three years when her hubby died, and she has kids from her previous marriage.

Yusta disclosed that her late husband left wealth in plenty.

You know, when my husband died, he left a lot of wealth behind. So me and my husband to be met at one of the shops my late husband left as he used to visit me a lot and I would check him out.”

60-year-old woman made first move

She said she made the first move on the young man as he mesmerised her.

“I was the one who made the first move. (Nilimteka). He used to come to my shop and I would give him food. I would cook for him and place it somewhere so that he could pick it.”

The young man noted that she did not feel that Yusta had aged or was too old for him.

“I see her as a lady who is 20 years old. Everything a woman has, she has it. Ladies my age are stubborn and I don’t have time for that. My head has other issues to deal with at the moment. In life look at the things that give you joy.”

The two were adamant that they would tie the knot and said people should relax as they would never leave each other.

“We are going to get married in the church, he would never leave me,” she said.

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