“Oga You No Get Respect”: Man Carries Dad with Small Stature on His Shoulder, Video Trends

A young man has stirred emotions on social media after celebrating his beloved dad on father’s day

The emotional video posted via TikTok showed the proud son carrying his father on his shoulder

While sharing the clip, he expressed the love he felt towards his father and netizens commended him for being a great son

In the video, the man was seen carrying his father on his shoulder and expressing his love for him.

Although his father has an obviously small stature, the young man however did not take after his dad in height.

The video quickly went viral with many netizens applauding the TikTok user for proudly sharing the video on father’s day.

Many netizens reacting to the video praised the father for his unique looks and the bond that he shares with his son.

Netizens hail son as he publicly celebrates dad with small stature

The TikTok user’s message of love for his father has touched the hearts of many people who praised him deeply for being proud of his father.

@Abena20 said:

“Happy father’s day to him. You are a kind man and I love you for whom you are, guys like you are rare.”

@Emmayoger reacted:

“Please who is the father among them someone should tell me please.”


“Happy father’s day to him. How I wish my father was alive. You don’t know the value of what u have until u loose them. I’m proud of u guy.”

@RmF commented:

“Omo your mum is a good woman sha God bless her, you and your Dad.”

@Micheal Makinde reacted:

“Wow he produce a legend. Happy fathers day to him.”

@portablebae449 said:

“Thanks for being proud of your father may God bless.”

@Maryam commented:

“May he reap the fruits of his labour.”

@OwoNiKoko said:

“God bless you bro. Happy Father’s Day to him.”

@Alex said:

“Who is the father the small one and the tall one.”

@Annabel onyekachi 21 reacted:

“But this pikin you no get respect oh see the way u carry Ur papa for shoulder.”

@Uba reacted:

“I know all of you commenting like good people have something else in mind but looking for who to say it.”

Watch the video below:

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