“I am sorry” Bolanle Ninalowo apologise as he reveals his role in Hollywood’s ‘Extraction’

Nollywood and Hollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo has apologized to his fans and Nigerians at large following the controversy that trailed his role in the famous Hollywood movie, Extraction 2.

Bolanle Ninalowo left Nigerians with the misconception that he would be featured in the 2nd instalment of Extraction. Many were left disappointed when they realised that he did not feature in the actual movie.

Nigerians, via social media, expressed displeasure with the makers of the movie for joking with their intellect on featuring Ninalowo in their movie.

Following the drama online, Bolanle Ninalowo took to his verified Instagram page to apologize to his fans for their misconception of his role in the movie.

He revealed that he was featured in the mockumentary inspired by Extraction 2, which is titled ‘Distraction; The Extraction of Don’.

He wrote, “I AM SORRY YOU GUYS WERE DISTRACTED. You know I you!!!
Now lets see The Extraction of Don!!!
A Netflix mockumentary inspired by Extraction 2″

Bolanle Ninalowo makes shocking revelation about himself, drops a powerful note

In April, Bolanle Ninalowo revealed certain secrets people do not know about him.

On his Instagram page, Ninalowo shared that while some people may view him as selfish, he sees himself as many other things.

The lover boy realized early on that he couldn’t expect to be a priority for many people, so he chose to make himself a priority. He listed several things he did to improve himself but ultimately emphasized his complete reliance on God.

He wrote: Rather, I am SELF AWARE. I learned quick enough in life that I won’t always be a priority to others, so I became a priority to MYSELF. I learned to RESPECT myself, Take care of Myself and become my own Support system. I gave up on waiting for others to choose me, so I CHOOSE MYSELF. I stay FOCUSED on me and Mind my Business. And if it ain’t Adding up, I Subtract immediately. Most importantly, I rely on GOD alone. Maka”.

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