“Wow, This Is Amazing”: Ikorodu Bois’ Remake Video of Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction 2 Trailer Goes Viral

Popular Nigerian child group, the Ikorodu Bois, trend online once again after a remake of a blockbuster movie trailer

A new clip by the Ikorodu Boiz, where they used locally sourced materials for a trailer remake of the American movie, Extraction 2, has gone viral online

The child group world is famed for movie remakes, as they once grabbed the attention of Idris Elba, the Russo brothers and Chris Hemsworth with their work

This isn’t the first time the child group would go viral for their creative and ingenuine character trailer remakes of action, thrillers and dramas.

They once caught the attention of the American movie producers Anthony and Joseph Russo for their fantastic remake of the trailer of Extraction 1, the Old Guard.

Afterwards, they grabbed the headlines for their remake of Idris Elba’s The Beast.

They have done it again as they go viral for another beautiful remake of Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction 2. Their latest work has sparked a lot of reactions online as celebrities and veteran moviemakers hail them for their dedication, talent and hard work.

Watch the Ikorodu Bois remake of Extraction 2 below:

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