“Everywhere Soft”: Man Parks Beside Davido’s Maybach Car, Follows Him Inside Supermarket, Screams “OBO”

A Nigerian man could not control his excitement when he saw Davido in a supermarket parking lot

The man shouted “OBO!” as he followed the singer into the supermarket to film him shopping and paying at the cashier

Bodyguards tried to keep orderliness as people milled around the singer, wanting to get his attention

A young Nigerian man was happy when he realised he had parked beside Davido’s new Maybach car in a video.

As the Timeless crooner came out and approached a supermarket, the man (@fanzeedaniel) said he was no longer interested in leaving.

He excitedly followed Davido inside. He kept shouting, “OBO! OBO!”. The man filmed him as the singer tried to settle his bills at the cashier. Even the supermarket cashier was happy to see the star.

When Davido stepped into the park in the clip, many people were around him and wanted to get closer.

The man said:

“After seeing David’s maybach, benz come be like Toyota Camry.”

Watch the video below:

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