My special gift from God” Actress Kemi Korede celebrates her last born as she turns 9 (photos)

Nollywood actress, Kemi Korede is celebrating her last born, Ayokade Jamat as she turns 9.

Taking to her Instagram page to share a photo of her and the celebrant, Kemi Korede described her daughter as her special gift from God.

She stated that the youngster is a blessing to them all as she is the best baby sis to her older siblings.

Complimenting her, she praised her daughter for being caring, loving, and kind-hearted.

“It’s my small mommy’s birthday. Ewa bami gebgba ope o yeyeye. Oluwa Semilore o Moyo o! Oluwa semi lore o mi ole pamora. Ayokami Omo oninuire! My last born child. My beautiful angel! My ever smiling & kind-hearted baby! My special gift from God. You are indeed a blessing to us all. The best baby sis to your older siblings. So caring & loving. I am grateful to the Almighty God for another 365 days. Amy your smile never fade. I will not cry over you. May your light shine brighter. May your dreams come through! May you fulfill destiny. Kings & great men shall come your rising. You will not stumble or fall & you will not fail. Happy 9th birthday, my adorable princess. I love you forever & a day my love”.

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