“God will make you a shining light” – Actor Kunle Afod celebrates son’s birthday as he clock 6years old (Photos)

Nigerian actor, Kunle Afod, took to social media to celebrate his son’s 6th birthday with a heartfelt message filled with love and blessings.

In a touching tribute, Kunle Afod shared a series of heartwarming pictures his son over the years. Accompanying the pictures was a heartfelt message from the actor, in which he wrote,

In another post, he wrote,

It’s my boy’s birthday
All my wishes and prayer for you shall manifest in God’s name..
God will make you a shining light
Age win wisdom knowledge and understanding
Happy birthday

The post resonated with fans, friends, and followers who were touched by the genuine love and pride expressed by Kunle Afod. Many joined in the celebration, extending their warm wishes and blessings to the birthday boy, emphasizing the joy he brings to their lives.

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