“She Disgraced Herself”: Nigerian Lady Sheds Tears as Boyfriend Rejects Her Public Proposal in Viral Video

It was an embarrassing moment for a Nigerian man as his woman proposed marriage to him in public

Taken by surprise by her action, the man looked shocked and confused and kept criticising the lady for embarrassing him

People who gathered around them begged the man to just accept her ring while the lady remained on her knees shedding tears

In a viral video, the lady remained on her knees with the ring as people gathered around them trying to intervene.

The young man could be heard telling the people around to see how the lady was embarrassing him. His lamentation fell on deaf ears as people begged him to at least say yes to her proposal.

Joining words with them, the lady begged her man to just accept her proposal but he refused to heed.

The clip ended with the lady still on her knees as the man kept slamming her for the show of embarrassment.

Watch the video below:

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