Meet The 5 year old Daughter of Actress Bukola Adeeyo, Janell who is a Model (Photos)

Actress Bukola Adeeyo’s daughter, Janell is an online sensation who through the support of her mother has transformed from being a regular kid to modeling as fashion influencer for children in her category.

Born about three years ago, Janell, through the conscious effort of her parents, has been projected as a child who would drive influence in fashion and glamor as she navigates from a stage of her life to another. No wonder, her social media biography describes her as a fashion model and brand influencer.

Since the explosion of social media across the globe some years ago, Celebrities and Nigerians have progressively explored the marketing effect of branding on social media for themselves and children. Janell, at her yoing age has an Instagram fan base of over 50,000 followers while engaging them periodically with sensational kid’s fashion inspiration which is well represented in her media contents.

Corporate and individual brands are motivated by result oriented social media users, in as much as their vision align with the content creators. The ability of Janell’s brand to drive conversations and sales conversion through her platform has continued to increase her reputation, pronouncing her as a phenomenal figure to contact when brands are telling stories involving kids of her age.
The important lesson from Janell’s brand is that, her mother has carved a niche and identified the kind of audience that consumes her daughter’s content. Consequently, this echoes the notion that no one becomes a brand authority overnight. You must first define yourself and know who you intend to sell your contents to. Janell is a young style influencer whose social media gallery would no doubt, give other parents’ cue on how to style their kids and the kind of dress to get them.

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