“I Like This Madam”: Female Teacher With Perfect Shape Writes on Blackboard, TikTok Video Goes Viral

A female school teacher who is endowed with great beauty has gone viral after she posted a video on TikTok

She shared a short video showing when she was facing the blackboard and writing some notes for her pupils

Apart from her beauty, the lady also has very nice handwriting which also caught the attention of people

The teacher, Akosua Viviene, regularly posts videos of her class activities on TikTok.

Viral video of a school teacher in the classroom

There is a particular video on Viviene’s TikTok handle that has gone viral and raked in more than 239k views.

In the video, she used chalk to write notes on the chalkboard for her pupils to copy.

She was putting on a nice skin-tone brown gown that hugged her body and further made her more elegant.

Apart from her good looks, Viviene also has beautiful handwriting as seen on the chalkboard.

Watch the video below:

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