Nancy Isime celebrated by Hip TV following her exit after 7-years of being a presenter (video)

Nancy Isime, a well-known media figure in Nigeria, was honored by Hip TV after she left her position as Trending’s presenter after seven years.

Nancy Isime, who recently earned a doctorate, posted pictures and videos of the celebrations on her verified Instagram page.

Following her resignation, Nancy Isime was replaced as the host of Hip TV’s Trending program by reality television sensation Kim Oprah.

She wrote;

“So, after 7years of being Trending on HipTV Presenter, I took a bow recently. Sigh, where do I even start from Hosting Trending for 7years remains one of the biggest blessings of my Life! Whilst there were undeniable ups and downs, the Ups outweighs the downs so much I don’t even remember them.

I want to thank my entire HipTV Family and Trending Squad for being the best guys to me the entire time
Thank you for all the laughs we shared together and never getting offended when I decide to yab you unprovoked or even on my Diva days.
I was only the face, you guys were the engine!
Mr Ladi & Lincoln 001 aren’t in these slides but if you’re reading this…Thank you!

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