“You’ve to Love Dis Guy”: Fans React As Portable Uses G-wagon to Share Indomie in Trenches, Video Goes Viral

Popular Streetpop sensation Portable has sparked reactions online after he shared clips of himself sharing Indomie, Spaghetti and other foodstuffs with kids in his neighbourhood

In the trending clip, the singer was seen conversing with the kids in his neighbourhood as he led them to a POS point to withdraw money to give them

The video has gone viral as fans react to it, hailing the singer for his philanthropic nature and for staying true to his roots

The singer distributed foodstuffs like Indomie, Spaghetti, packaged Oil, Garri, Rice and many other things to kids in his neighbourhood.

In the viral clip, Portable was also seen conversing with the kids as he proves once again that he is indeed the king of Zazu (trenches).

After sharing foodstuffs with the kids, Portable was seen leading his neighbourhood battalions to a POS point to withdraw money to give to them.

However, the highlight of the clip that has got people talking the most online is that Portable was distributing the foodstuffs out of the boot of his G-Wagon.


“Y’all can hate portable as much as y’all want but he is literally the only artist that gives back like this.”


“Dis ur G-wagon dey sound lik engine wey dem dey use ground pepper I love ur duinz sha.”


“The wah portable dey let us know this Gwagon is nothing enh e dey sweet my belle❤️.”


“If this guy buy mansion for lekki , he fit turn am to amala spot in weeks. Nothing they frick am . Doesn’t take life too serious like others.. brabus they share food. Some they treat am like egg ni.. enjoy your life while it last tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”


“Na Gwagon you dey use distribute indommie for street Omo lalomi.”


“Some pastors go surprise say this guy go enter heaven before them if Jesus come o nice one omolalomi wey help us know say G wagon na normal car make we no run pass our shadow.”


“First person to carry G Wagon Enter TRENCHES you’re a KING !!! Street wa take over.”


“If you hate this man you need therapy.”


“If you don’t like this guy I can tell you don’t like yourself also.”


“He will not last” “he is too razz” “money miss road” See him proving you all wrong.”

Watch the viral clip below:

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