Meet The Beautiful Wife and Children Of Comedian Mark Angel

Mark Angel, the popular Nigerian comedian, is happily married to a woman named Amanda Josh, who is also a talented actress. Amanda has portrayed the character of Auntie Success’s mother in several episodes of Mark Angel’s Comedy.

There is often speculation and confusion surrounding Mark Angel’s marital status and whether he has children. Some people claim that he is married, while others believe he is engaged, and there are those who simply do not have any information on the matter. Similarly, opinions vary regarding Mark Angel’s children, with some asserting that he has up to four kids. To provide clarity amidst this confusion, we conducted thorough research to present you with accurate information about his wife and potential daughter.

Born on May 27, 1991, Mark Angel is not only a comedian but also a skilled scriptwriter and video producer from Nigeria. He gained immense popularity through his comedy series, Mark Angel Comedy, which is widely watched on YouTube.

Currently, Mark Angel is engaged to a lovely woman named Amanda Josh. However, despite many people referring to her as his wife and claiming they had a secret marriage, Mark has never confirmed any such event in his interviews.

Mark Angel rarely discusses his relationship with Amanda publicly, but he did share a playful picture of them together once, accompanied by a humorous caption: “my mum brought a girl from the village and said she wants me to marry a village girl.” This post was clearly meant as a joke.

Furthermore, in June 2020, Mark Angel indirectly dismissed the rumors surrounding their marital status in an Instagram post. He consistently refers to Amanda as his girlfriend, not his wife, contrary to false reports circulating on various platforms.

Nevertheless, despite the lack of official confirmation, many people affectionately consider Amanda as Mark Angel’s wife, and this perception is unlikely to change anytime soon. This is likely due to the fact that they live together in their Port Harcourt home, contributing to the widespread narrative.

Mark Angel’s children?

On May 15, 2018, Mark Angel and Amanda Josh joyfully welcomed their baby girl, whom they named Milla Angel.

In contrast to numerous other celebrities, Mark is not one to frequently showcase his family on social media. As a result, the birth of Milla remained a subject of rumors for quite some time until Mark finally confirmed it in one of his comedy skits.

Milla, their adorable daughter, bears a remarkable resemblance to Mark and exudes a vibrant personality, as evidenced by her lively character.

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