“What’s All this?” Man Returns from Work, Catches Daughter in Wrapper with 2 Boys in the House, Video Trends

A man could not believe his eyes after returning from work to find his daughter in the house with two boys

She wore a wrapper and looked unbothered as she pressed her phone while he appeared furious over her action

Mixed reactions trailed the video as many people were stunned that the girl was still on her phone in the presence of her dad

The man was furious over his daughter’s action and took out his phone to record her while he scolded the girl.

Quite to netizens’ surprise, she sported a wrapper and busied on her phone not minding her father’s remarks.

The irate man ensured he caught the boys on camera in the different corners of the house they stood and then faced his daughter squarely.

The angry man gave her quick slaps and ordered her out of the house.

Netizens expressed shock that the girl was still on her phone while her dad talked to her. The clip was seen on Twitter and has since gone viral.

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media

@GrooverEben said:

“The fear of my parents no even allow me as a guy bring woman home. The woman I ever brought to our house is the person I’m married to, that’s even after we’ve dated. for a while. “Nigerian parents I give una hand ooo.”

@Nnamdichikee said:

“The audacity to nonchalantly be on her phone while the pops was talking to her. Lol! I expected the slap when he got close sha. Small child but they don dey run her train. Lol! Umuaka these days eh!”

@alienyxx said:

“I discover that days like this shouldn’t be handled by brutality but by a heart to heart talk. The position of God, reviewing options, opportunity cost, dangers and the endangerment of a bright future.”

@riola_schwartz said:

“What all this ?? So the first thing you taught to do as a parent is bring out your phone and record … “How classic.”

@Chikeezie said:

“People are asking why she’s pressing her phone…. Of course she’s deleting things.

That would have been the first thing the man should have reached for. He probably might have had a heart attack.”

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