“Is It Made of Gold?” Video of Big Girls Fighting Over Burna Boy’s Shirt at Afro Nation Concert Causes a Buzz

The short clip showed the moment more than three ladies were seen fighting each other over Burna Boy’s shirt.

Burna Boy could be heard singing in the background.

see some of the comments captured below

opedaimond: “Where’s your dignity as a woman?”

tolu.matti: “And they said “crowd no dey”. Crazypeople ODG.”

pretti.isa_icy: “If I am a man, if i see my girl friend doing ds just know is over between us.”

goer_gette20: “Is the t-shirt made of gold????????? Because I don’t get.”

danielmezie21’s profile picture

“People mommy .”

tyga_x_x_x: “Make them soak am inside water and drink it na .”

officialkenpat: “I just can’t understand how people do this for another human like them. If a babe I’m with does this typa shi, it’s over man. What rubbish!”

official_moghel22: “You no go drag ke, cloth wey cost £5000 how much be that if you carry an go better boutique you no how much them go buy am.

watch the video below

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