“Halleluyah Sir, Prophet Zazu”: Fans React As Portable Wears Sutana, Attends Celestial Church, Clip Trends

Controversial Afro-street pop artist, Portable has sparked reactions online after he was spotted wearing the sacred spiritual garment of the Celestial Christian Church

Portable, in a clip shared on his page, was seen rocking a white ‘Sutana’ outfit while dancing and performing one of his hit singles

However, these actions seem to have stirred anger amongst some Celestial Church members as the singer is slammed not to defame the sacred garment and identity of the ministry

The singer wore the Sutana in the viral clip while performing his latest single, ‘It Shall Never Be Well With My Enemies’.

However, the singer’s action has set off public outrage, especially from members of the Celestial church. Portable has been called out by members of the church as he is slammed for publicly ridiculing the garment and the Celestial church.

Portable is publicly known to be a Muslim, with his first name being Habeeb.

See the reactions the viral clip stirred online


“U wear that necklace enter church …. Portable ogbaa.”


“Portable dey go church today, church go scatter if pastor talk anyhow.”


“Sebi portable na Muslim abi I wrong ni.”


“Do Evll to survive then run to God for forgiveness..God go understand .”


“We dey wait for your update he go soon start dey spray for church now , make una watch.”


“Halleluyah sir Prophet Portable.”


“You don join white garment ni bros?.”


“Habeeb ninu sutana.”


“E no matter, na one God we they call❤️.”


“My Broski they go church, wow we thank God.”


“Gbogbonise enterprises.”


“Portable na muschrislawo. Na everything e Dey do.”


“Portable na cele way now.”

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