“Why I wasn’t nominated at AMVCA, the only award I wish to win is…” Ibrahim Chatta breaks silence (Video)

Nollywood actor and movie producer, Ibrahim Chatta has finally broken his silence on being snubbed at the AMVCA 9th edition.

In an interview with an Ibadan radio station, Ibrahim Chatta lamented over how AMVCA don’t give him invite to the prestigious award ceremony.

For him, he isn’t bothered by the lack of acknowledgment as he knows there are lots of actors who are better than him.

However, his major concern is why he doesn’t get invited to the ceremony but his junior colleagues score invites.

Ibrahim Chatta stated that he doesn’t allow it to bother him too much as his eyes are set on getting an Oscar.

“I always thought my work wasn’t good enough but I see my younger colleagues who score an invite to the event.

I don’t want any award to limit me cause I am aiming for the Oscars. If I am focusing on not being nominated at AMVCA, I can lose focus”.

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