“Please return the N250,000 you’re owing the dead” Murphy Afolabi’s burial committee calls out Adunni Ade (Video)

Adunni Ade, a renowned Nollywood actress, is facing public scrutiny after being accused of owing the late actor Murphy Afolabi a significant sum of money.

At the solemn 8-day Fidau Prayer organized to honor Murphy Afolabi’s memory, the burial committee took the opportunity to publicly address the matter and bring attention to Adunni Ade’s alleged debt.

According to the committee, Adunni Ade has an outstanding debt of N250,000 to Murphy Afolabi, which remained unpaid prior to his untimely demise. In light of this, they made a direct plea to the actress, urging her to fulfill her financial obligation by returning the owed amount.

The committee’s statement resonated with a sense of urgency: “Adunni Ade, we implore you to promptly settle the N250,000 debt you owe the late Murphy Afolabi.”

Recall that during the 2024 presidential election, Adunni Ade angered the Yoruba industry when she claimed that they were paid N90000 to endorse Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Following her claims, the light-skinned movie star gained lots of enemies and haters.

Adunni Ade had even cried out over a public threat made to her life by MC Oluomo’s affiliate and NURTW boss, Koko Zaria.

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