“This could be us” Wumi Toriola speaks as she shares loved up with Ibrahim Chatta

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has shared a loved up photo with her colleague, Ibrahim Chatta, speaking about how it could be them.

The mother of one shared a photo of them from a movie in which the title was not disclosed and a funny caption that got many talking online.

Wumi Toriola stated that they could be like the photo, but he is searching for a wife with the touch of gospel singer, Sinnach and body of American rap star, Cardi B.

She wrote on Instagram, “This could be us, but na you dey finds a touch of Sinnach with Cardi B body. Everybody go dey ok.”

Hours ago, Wumi Toriola made a special request to God about healing hearts and granting long life.

The mother of one, who is currently in the United Kingdom, prayed that God would heal her heart and also grant long,

She wrote, “Heal our hearts, Lord, and grant us long life.”

Wumi Toriola sends a message to the heartbroken

Recalls that Wumi Toriola sent a strong message to the heartbroken weeks after she confirmed her divorce on social media. She shared a beautiful photo of herself and an encouraging message to hurting people.

The mum of one also wished those enjoying to continue feasting.

She wrote: “Love and light to anyone hurting.. And to everyone enjoying, a ba yin toro ko dun, kopo, kope❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Happy Friday, lovers.”

Wumi Toriola pens powerful letter to Nollywood producers

Also, Wumi Toriola penned a powerful letter to young Nollywood producers, teaching them the importance of a good work ethic.

Wumi Toriola on Instagram admonished young producers to be mindful of their actions while giving out their services, respecting everyone in their duties.

She urged them to work professionally and play their part in the success of a production, not being arrogant or waiting to be worshipped by their colleagues.

Wummi Toriola made herself a reference, recalling when she worked as a slave to everyone because the success of the job was what mattered to her.

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