Simi is upset by allegations of a false accent

Simisola Kosoko, better known by her stage name Simi, responds to claims that she uses a false accent. Simi is a well-known Afropop artist.

Online trolls made fun of the brilliant musician who wrote the popular song “Duduke,” joking that she spoke with a fake American accent.

Simi responded to these critics on her social media platform in a video message, adamantly saying that she does not fake her accent and that she talks fluently and authentically.

“Let me tell you something that gets on my nerves; when some motherf*ckers come on here saying I’m forming ascent. Do I really seem like the kind of person that will care about how anybody feels about how I talk?
Like I sit down and I plan, this is how we are going to use this ascent today? I don’t give a f*ck. Do I sound like I’m struggling when I’m talking?” she said.

Simi is upset by allegations of a false accent

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