Seyi Vibez and Asake, who is Better? (The comparison)

It is not new that prominent artists’ rivalries and beef fuel the music business. It is, according to some, more common in Hip Hop than in any other genre. Others would agree that the kind of music doesn’t make any difference so far as the artists are renowned and have an enormous fan base to help and safeguard them.

Seyi Vibez and Asake were one topic that dominated social media in 2022. Devotees of the two have noted evident similitudes, particularly in their music, and have called attention to them via virtual entertainment. It initially began when Nigerian music fans brought up that Seyi Vibez made a comparable sort of music as Asake.

Following quite a while of delaying, the YBNL vocalist delivered his presentation studio collection, “Mr. Cash With The Energy” in September 2022. The EP titled “Ololade Asake” was his previous release. The album quickly amassed millions of streams and reached the top of the charts in several nations, including Nigeria. It included tracks from his earlier albums like “Terminator,” “Sungba (Remix)” with Burna Boy, and “Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)

The collection acquired gigantic consideration from fanatics of Afrobeats and Amapiano in Nigeria and around the world. Asake is well-known for combining Amapiano and Afrobeats. Additionally, the album received praise from a number of South African Amapiano stars. Two months after the delivery, Seyi Vibez dropped the collection “Billion Dollar Baby.”

Asake fans noticed right away that the majority of the songs on the album sounded like covers of Asake’s “Mr. Money With The Vibe.” The undertaking housed the hit melody “Chance (Na Ham),” a reproduction of Asake’s enormous hit “Organize.” Fans of music pointed out that Seyi Vibez’s flow was the same as Asake’s and that the Amapiano-influenced jam shared a hook with “Organize.” As a result, social media users debated which artist was superior.

Because, in their opinion, Seyi Vibez had imitated the singer’s musical style, Asake fans have branded the comparison an insult to the artist. This way and that a tad for the rest of 2022. It would appear to have finished with the year, but it did not. It is as yet a moving subject in the nation today.

Note that Seyi got back with the continuation of the “Billion Dollar Baby” collection, named “Billion Dollar Baby 2.0,” making him the Nigerian artist with the quickest amassing of number collections in the country.

The discussion between the two fan bases was as of late worked up again following a humorous quarrel between Nigerian street pop vocalist Portable and music video Director TG Omori, who is most popular for teaming up with Asake and a few renowned recordings of tunes from “Mr. Money With The Vibe.” An unpleasant Portable (who recently griped about Omori’s charges) referred to the video Director out via online entertainment for shooting a music video for Seyi Vibez, who, as would be natural for him as, “is replicating” his previous client “Asake”.

He blamed TG Omori for “seeing Asake finish” and racing to work with Seyi Vibez in light of the fact that he’s right now moving. Additionally, he asserted that Seyi “copies Asake’s pattern.” He said, “copy copy, do your own pattern”. After the video went viral, another comparison between the two emerged. In his new song “Yoga,” Asake almost sounds like Seyi Vibez, according to some of his fans.

Presently, here’s our decision.

There are unmistakable parallels between the two artists. The songs “Organize” and “Chance (Na Ham)” provide an excellent illustration of this. However, because they are both artists who put in a lot of effort, it wouldn’t be a problem if Seyi Vibez and Asake’s label YBNL Nation were to benefit each other.

Asake is the larger of the two. He has sold over a billion of records and amassed more than a billion streams across various platforms even in the UK and the US (probably because of how reputable his record label has been).

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