“How I Survive in School”: Stingy Nigerian Student Hides Soup inside Containers of Toothpaste, Video Trends

A video of a university student showing off his spectacular hiding skill has gained a lot of attention online

The young boy was living in the hostel with his roommates and he found a way to hide his foodstuffs

In a video shared via popular app, TikTok, he hid all his items in places that no one would even imagine

It is said that ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and human beings have always found a way out of difficult situations.

Normally, our brains are wired in that way to come up with creative or innovative ways to do new things that would benefit us.

A young Nigerian student decided to share with netizens how he was able to survive a semester in school while living with his roommates.

In a bid to preserve his foodstuffs, he came up with an incredible plan to hide them in places that nobody ever thought of.

He hid his eba (garri) in a large empty candle wrap. Then, he hid his soup condiments in two empty family-sized toothpaste containers (oral B and Colagate).

Moving on, he had raw garri hidden away in an empty large sachet of sunlight detergent. He was seen pouring it into a plate. He hid cubes of sugar in a box of matches.

The student also took his ingenuity to another level when he poured some detergent into a bucket of water and made it foam.

Subsequently, he soaked (hid) 2 cans of Titus sardines, a pack of cracker biscuits, 1 tin of liquid evaporated peak milk, a can of corn beef, 1 pack of Chivita Strawberry yoghurt inside.

Social media reactions

@Ruby commented:

“Because some roommates can beg you to give them your destiny.”

@Priscy asked:

“My own question is, how did the soup enter the toothpaste?”

@Sunday Victoria commented:

“May we never be confused as this video.”

@Joy Adikwu commented:

“Abeg if you still normal for this country gather here. I wan start counting.

” @oreofe_g wrote:

“I opened my mouth watching this video. Like where the hell did the soup come out from.”

@Klèo commented:

“My brain is not braining right now.”

@blaqbarbie asked:

“What is this?”

@Linkup__daddy said:

“I’m so confused.”

@aliyahgrey815 commented:

“Never let them know your next move.”

@Nam queried;

“Oh my goodness what did I watch?”

Watch the video below: click the link below


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