22 year old US rapper, Ice Spice Pus8y Mercilessly Chewed Alive | WATCH VIDEO

US rapper, Ice Spice has hit out at claims that she was in a chau tape that was leaked all over the internet.

On Tuesday Oct 4, the ‘Munch’ rapper addressed rumours that she was involved in a chau tape that was reportedly leaked on Twitter.

However, she has now fiercely denied these claims that she is in a NSFW video in a new tweet and rubbished the claims.

he Bronx rapper said: “U guys want them fake a** leaks to be me so bad just so u can go beat your lil dirty meat to it.”

Speculation has been rife for the last few weeks over this alleged video, whether Ice Spice is the girl in the video.

The NSFW reportedly features a girl with curly hair and a man, which some internet users speculated to be rapper Drake, who had previously shown love to Ice Spice.

Ice Spice has been spotted partying with Drake in Toronto, where videos of the pair closely together have been causing fans to take notice of the New York rapper.

Ice Spice
Ice Spice

Despite their apparent closeness, Drake has now unfollowed the ‘Munch’ rapper on Instagram.

Drake had co-signed her song on Insta last month, which gave lots of kudos to her career, however, now it seems that Drizzy is no longer close with the rapper.

However, these sex tape rumours have been shut down by Ice Spice directly, and she is busy making a name for herself in the rap scene.

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