“wHat?,This one na real Ogba ooh” – Video trends as lady wipes security man Oraimo cord for restricting her entrance (Watch)

Several reactions have started trailing a video of a young lady and middle-aged security man that recently surfaced online.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the lady was seen moving in the afternoon until she reached a gate that has already been closed.

Trying to use the method of bending over the gate so as to move on to her next destination, she was restricted by the security telling her that there is no entrance and she should try another place.

Reacting to this, the lady who seems to be having a bad day expresses the aggression embedded in her by removing a cord kept inside her bag.

Swiftly, she wipes the cord on the security man in a hard way that the middle-aged man had to move away to save his life.

Fortunately, the lady gained entrance following her violent action and the beaten security man could be seen moving behind her, complaining until the video fades.

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