“We can’t pray for Murphy Afolabi because he promoted Baba Alawo in his movie,” Islamic cleric Ahmad says (watch video)

In the wake of the untimely demise of renowned actor Murphy Afolabi, an Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad express his belief that prayers should not be offered for Afolabi due to the circumstances surrounding his career before his death.According to Sheikh Ahmad, Murphy Afolabi before his death promote traditional religion by playing the roles of Baba Alawo in movies.The Islamic cleric emphasised that Murphy choice of role in his movie career is against God’s rules and wills, which makes him an unbeliever.Sheikh Ahmad emphasised that as unbeliever who promote traditional religion, he didn’t deserve to be prayed for by Muslims.He caption his video with, ” It’s a pity that some Muslims don’t know what’s going on in Yoruba movie even by watching it and can someone pray for whoever die on taking role of baba Alawo in a movie”

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