“Awon Ti O Mo Olorun Shiekh”– Murphy Afolabi Wife Rain Curße On All The Muslim In Nigeria With Tears On Her Face (Watch)

In the midst of a torrential downpour, Murphy Afolabi’s Baby Mama found herself grappling with a profound sense of anguish and frustration. The source of her distress lay in the encounter she had with a Muslim Alfa who callously refused to offer prayers for her late husband. The incident left her bewildered and deeply wounded, as she couldn’t fathom why someone would allow business considerations to overshadow matters of faith.

As she recounted the distressing encounter, Rain’s eyes welled up with tears that cascaded down her cheeks. Each drop bore the weight of her sorrow and disappointment, mingling with the raindrops that descended from the darkened skies. She had hoped for solace and closure through the power of prayer, seeking divine intervention to grant her husband eternal peace.

With her voice trembling, Rain passionately expressed her heartbreak and frustration. The disbelief she felt resonated in her words as she questioned the merging of business and religion. To her, it was inconceivable that such an important spiritual act could be withheld due to personal or financial motivations.

The intensity of her emotions grew as she pleaded for her late husband to be allowed to rest in peace. Every fiber of her being yearned for closure, for the assurance that her beloved partner would find solace in the afterlife.

In her anguish, she swore vehemently, her words imbued with the weight of her shattered expectations. The curse she invoked was not born out of malice, but rather from a deep well of sorrow and a profound sense of injustice. It was a plea to the universe, an impassioned cry for retribution against those who denied her late husband the prayers and respect he deserved.

As she continues to rain more curse on the Islamic group with tears in her eyes, carrying her anguish and prayers to the heavens. In that moment, she hoped that her heartfelt plea would be heard, and that her late husband would finally find the peace he so rightfully deserved.

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