“We’ve Already Prepared For His Burial But…..,”– Murphy Afolabi Family Reveal Why They Rejected His Burial At Osogbo family House

The head of the late Iyiola Lateef Yusuf’s family informed BBC Yoruba that they were unaware of whether he had constructed a house in Osogbo town. However, the family had bid him farewell with a kiss before his burial, only to discover a change in his appearance afterwards.

BBC News Yoruba reached out to the Ile Fetu Ata house in the Okanla area of Osogbo town, located in Osun State, where Murphy Afolabi hails from. According to reports, “Murphy Afolabi had promised his family that he would return to rebuild their ancestral home after celebrating his 49th birthday.”


Initially, both the family of Murphy Afolabi and the residents of Osogbo town had made preparations for the funeral of the beloved actor. However, they later reversed their decision and proceeded to bury the deceased in the Adamo area of Ikorodu in Lagos State.

“The father who gave birth to Murphy Afolabi learned to cook dishes, Ifayemi Elebuibon made dishes, and Murphy learned to make dishes”

Upon receiving news of their son’s untimely demise, the family members gathered for a meeting to discuss the necessary arrangements for the burial at the House of Members in Osogbo.

The late Murphy Afolabi was born to Oloye Fabunmi Afolabi, who was of Arab descent and hailed from Osogbo in Osun State.


According to the information obtained by BBC, it was reported that Father Murphy Afolabi had visited Father Ifayemi Elebuibon to learn the art of cooking Agboojha (a traditional dish). Subsequently, Murphy Afolabi returned to teach Father Ifayemi Elebuibon the perfected recipe, as explained by the family.

Father Murphy Afolabi lived a remarkable 124 years before his passing.

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