“I have 23 boyfriends” – Young Nigerian lady confesses during church service (Video)

A young Nigerian lady has caused a massive stir after a video of her confessing to being involved with 23 men at the same time went viral.

The trending clip, which has stirred reactions from social media users, shows the moment the lady made the shocking confession during a church service in Auchi, Edo State.

In the footage, the woman openly admits to having a staggering total of 23 boyfriends. The video, recorded during a deliverance service in a church in Edo, shows the young Nigerian lady standing before the congregation as she courageously opens up about her complicated romantic relationships.

During the service, the pastor directly addressed the young woman and boldly stated the number of men she was allegedly involved with.

To the surprise of the congregation, she unhesitatingly confirmed the pastor’s statement and admitted to being romantically involved with 23 different men at the same time.

Watch video below,

In other news, a fresh Nigerian graduate recently caused a commotion at her school after she turned down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal on her signing-out day.

The boyfriend had stormed her school on the day of her final exam to surprise her with a car gift, and also ask for her hand in marriage.

After she finished writing her final exam, the lover boy presented a Toyota Camry to her with a cake that had the inscription “Marry Me”.

However, she rejected his proposal on the spot and attempted to return the cake to him, but he hesitated and tried to reason with her. The lady was not having it at all and proceeded to dump the cake on the floor, before storming off the scene, much to the surprise of her boyfriend.

A video of the embarrassing moment she turned down the proposal in the presence of her school mates, who were cheering her on to say ‘YES’ has gone viral online.

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