Give Her Space”: Video Shows Hilda Baci Lying on Bed as She Breaks Cooking Record, Her Mum Spotted at Bedside

Chef Hilda Baci was seen in an emerging video taking an elongated rest after cooking on her feet for prolonged hours The 27-year-old sociology graduate from Madonna University, Okija finally broke the old cooking record by an individual In the clip, a cameraman was on hand to video her while her mother did not leave the record-breaker’s bedside

Hilda Baci’s mother did not leave her daughter’s side as the 27-year-old chef took an elongated rest after cooking non-stop for hours. An emerging video seen on TikTok showed the young lady lying on the bed with a face mask on and still in her cooking attire.

In the viral clip, a cameraman ensured it was documented and recorded her from the right side. A write-up explaining Hilda’s rest stated that she decided to take an hour’s rest.

It went on to explain that Hilda is expected to be back on her feet in the cooking arena before 11:45 am. It added that the elongated rest is the reward for the accumulated rest times she had earned on her feet.

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media

iam_Barry said:

“For trying to make us proud, more strength baby girl we are 101% behind you 247, if na to turn that arena to concert just whisper it to your mum ear.”

tanyi anthionet said:

“God will see her through,it means even the photographers don’t equally sleep,God give them strength.”

Shalom said:

“Even for the rest una still follow.

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