“Real Life After Stealing Peoples Songs Abi?” – Reactions As Burna Boy Claims Wizkid Only Sings About Girls

An interview has surfaced online in which Nigerian Grammy-winning singer Burna Boy claims that Wizkid only sings about girls, which makes him different from him.

Burna Boy responded to a question about whether he and Wizkid are in rivalry in an old interview that just emerged on Twitter.

He responded by stating that they are in different lanes and have nothing in common. The only thing they have in common, he said, is that they are both from the same country.

Furthermore, he claimed that musically, they are not similar to one another since Wizkid only sings about girls and lacks versatility (he sings about real-life concerns).

‘We are two different people, he said, the only thing we have in common is that we are from the same place and we have love for each other’.

Watch the video below:

Naturally, there were a variety of responses to the interview on Twitter, with some believing that Burna Boy shouldn’t have spoken in that manner and that Wizkid exclusively sings about women.

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