Mum slammed for getting realistic temporary tattoos for her 1-year-old son

Una Madre Es Muy Criticada Por Cubrir El Cuerpo De Su Bebé De Tatuajes  Realistas |
Treylin Armani. Picture: Instagram/nuggetworld561

Shamekia Morris, 29, a stylist from West Palm Beach, startedgiving her son Treylin temporary tattoos when he was just six months old, and it has since become a habit that she shares with thousands of fans on social media. While the effect is quite impressive, not everyone is a fan of Shamekia ‘s idea , with some going so far as to call her irresponsible or a bad mother. Still, the mother-of-one, who is also covered in tattoos, said she won’t let the criticism stop her from living a lifestyle she and her son enjoy.

Looking at the photos and video clips Shamekia posts on TikTok and Instagram, you’d think her son Trylin is a regular at West Palm Beach tattoo parlors. Covered in realistic “paint” from the neck down, the little guy looks like a child rap superstar, with body art to rival some of the hottest stars in the music industry. But it’s all an illusion.

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