“Idan Na Scammer”: Street Pop Singer Portable Zazu Explains Trending Slang in New Video, Netizens React

For active social media users, the Yoruba word ‘Idan’ has been trending on major platforms for the past few days

Street Pop singer Portable Zazu in a new video, has weighed in on the trending as he explained what it meant to him

According to the Zazu crooner Idan is a scammer, as he went to explain another street name bigger than it

In a new video he shared on his Instagram page, Portable claimed Idan is a scammer as he further revealed another level greater than it.

According to Portable, there is ‘Omo Oro’ who is more significant than ‘Idan.’

The Zazu crooner also added in his caption:

“Na Real OG Before IG ☝️ No Go Fall Scam Idan Na Scammer Idan ALAKADA Idan wey no get money na Idanwo.”

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to Portable’s video trendy jazz captured some of the reactions, see them below:


“Idan wey Dey play sportybet na wetin .

” fashinashegun:

“Idan must go through adanwo but idan most survive…that’s why will idan nah Survival.”


“I am craving to know what it feels when you have Milli inside Aza .

” latmus_og:

“As in you too gerr sense bro. “Idan na scammer” no be lie o. Person wey sabi do fake life na him dem Dey call “Idan” walahi.”


“Idan wey no get money na omidan .”


“Analysis toun explains Oro Gangan .”

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