Why I have never and will never engage in paid sex with men – Ashmusy spills

Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy, a Nigerian skit maker, stated in a recent interview with Bot Studio why she has never and will never engage in paid sex with men.

According to Ashmusy, she cannot participate in such activities because it is not worth it.

She claimed that she could generate the same amount of money in 24 hours through her thriving firms, Diamond Crest Homes and Magic Revive, which employ over 100 people.

In her own words;

“I cannot sleep with a man for money because it’s not worth it. I own two successful businesses, and I can make the money I would be paid from my business in just 24 hours. Sleeping with a man for money is beneath me.”

As a testament to the scale of her business activities, Ashmusy said that she had signed several major celebrities, including Regina Daniels and Carter Efe.

She went on to say that her enterprises earn her millions of naira, making sleeping with guys for money a less enticing alternative.

Following her recent interview with Bot Studio, Ashmusy fans took to social media to express their respect and support for the successful businesswoman and influencer.

One fan wrote, “I have so much respect for Ashmusy. It takes a lot of courage to stick to your values and refuse to compromise, especially in a society that often places so much pressure on women to trade their bodies for money or success. She is a true inspiration.”

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