“Hard Work Pays”: Man Who Sold Clothes by Roadside Makes It, Shares Transformation Video of Big Boutique

A young Nigerian man who made it from selling clothes has shared how his life transformed after years of hard work To show people where he started from, his throwback photo had him looking tired as he slept on his bags of clothes Nigerians who were impressed by his success and his classy boutique said that hard work indeed pays

At the beginning of the clip, his clothes were on display, hanging on nails by the roadside. Seconds into the video, he was captured sleeping on his bags of clothes.

Many people who saw his transformation photo were amazed. After the man made it in the business, he opened a big shop with modern interior decor. Everything in it looked classy.

TikTokers thronged his comment section with messages of congratulation as some said that indeed hard work pays.

Watch his video : by clicking the link below


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