“I Can’t Date You”: Chat Leaks as Nigerian Lady Loses Interest in Young Man Because He Doesn’t Smoke or Drink

A Nigerian man has expressed shock over the character of some women after a lady lost interest in him over two things

The young man doesn’t drink or smoke, and that did not seem to sit well with the lady who tagged him weird

Numerous reactions have trailed a leaked WhatsApp chat between the said lady and young man dubbed ‘too clean’

A Nigerian man has stirred massive reactions on Twitter after making public his WhatsApp chat with a lady over his not drinking or smoking.

@Deevybs shared the chat on Twitter with the caption, “Some girls are weird, just because I don’t smoke or drink?”

In the chat, he asked the lady, Blessing, why she had been acting strangely lately, and she replied that she likes him but had some reservations.

According to her, she doesn’t like that he doesn’t smoke or drink. Blessing said it was weird and abnormal for a man not to have any of the habits.

See his tweet below:

Reactions on social media

@amjustacommoner said:

“Why u no go dey smoke na wa. “She need to feel your love when you are normal and high, me seff no go be ur frnd if u no Dey smoke how u take dey enjoy life?”

@Dukespri said:

“Lol. A girl once refused to date. She said “I can’t date a guy like you, look at your kitchen. You’re too clean, you’ll be complaining about everything.

”@lemea_jnr said: “I had similar experience. It was then I knew the world is not as it seems.”

@yallmeetbenny said:

“If you don’t smoke or drink. “It simple means you are a play boy ( womanizer).”

@Zealkrosszeal said:

“Immorality has become the new normal in the recent world.”

@MauriceDBahdGuy said:

“You don’t know girls don’t like nice guys, na bad guys dem dey always like.”

@360hustle01 said:

“I don’t smoke and I don’t drink, but the ogban wey Dey my head your colorado smoking bf no go dare am.”

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