“I Can Finally Eat it in Peace”: Pregnant Woman Cuts Pineaple into Plate, Dances With it in Viral TikTok Video R

A heavily pregnant woman who loves pineapples has been seen dancing with the fruit in her hands Some people hold the view that pineapple is not good for a pregnant woman, especially in the early stages The woman said she is glad that she could finally eat the fruit and diced a lot of it into a plate with happiness

A pregnant woman is happy that she can finally eat pineapple as her pregnancy is now advanced. It appears the woman has been prevented from eating pineapples when her pregnancy was in its early stages.

In the video, the woman diced the fruit and poured some into a plate and held it up like a well-cherished trophy.

She held the plate and a fork and then stood in a room and broke into a happy dance in celebration of the fact that she could eat the pineapple.

She captioned the video:

The feeling when you can finally eat your pineapple in peace.”

The video has sparked reactions among her followers. Opinions in the comment section are, however, divided. While some say it could be dangerous for a pregnant woman to indulge in pineapple, others say it is only dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy. The video was posted by


Watch the video below: press the link below to watch the video


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