5-Year-Old Gets GH¢2.5million Mercedes G Wagon for Birthday: TikTok Reveal Video Gets Mixed Reactions

A five-year-old got a very expensive SUV for her birthday, and the news has gone viral TikTok user and successful businesswoman

@farhanazahra91 simply got her daughter what she asked for Many people expressed their disgust at the expensive gift for the toddler on the TikTok

TikTok has been buzzing over a video which showed a five-year-old getting a GH¢2.5million Mercedes G Wagon for her birthday. Most people can’t afford this car for an entire lifetime!

Some parents are a bit extra about their children. By buying sports cars, houses, and expensive jewellery, toddlers have gotten things some only dream of.

The boujee SUV was given at the lush birthday party in a big reveal. They put the whole car into a box filled with balloons. Take a look:

click the link below to watch video


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