“It’s a Lie O”: Davido Shares Funny Way New Signee Morravey’s Mum Denied That She Didn’t Want Her Doing Music

Top Nigerian singer Davido recently recounted how he signed on his new female artiste, Morravey Davido explained that he found her through TikTok after coming across a video of her singing The DMW boss also shared the funny way her mother reacted after he put a call through to ask why she didn’t want her child to make music

Much-loved Nigerian singer Davido has once again got fans praising him after he shared the funny story of how he signed his new female artiste, Morravey.

Recall that after Davido’s social media comeback, he unveiled two new artistes under his label, Morravey and Logos Olori.

According to him, he happened to be scrolling through the site one midnight when he came across a video of someone singing a cover to a song, but the person was not showing in the clip

He then proceeded to search through the comments to see if someone would mention her name, and he eventually found her.

Davido said:

“I signed all my artists in weird ways. With the girl, I was on TikTok in the middle of the night, like 3am.

I woke up and was on TikTok then I came across where she did a cover to a song but in the video, she was not in the video, she was just singing.

So I’m like ‘whose voice is that?’ So I went to the comments and I saw somebody who asked ‘whose voice is this?’ and I clicked under that comment and I found her and I DM’d her.”

She wasn’t replying my message Speaking further during the interview, Davido noted that after he sent Morravey a DM, she did not respond to his message, perhaps because she was shocked. When she eventually replied, she asked if she could call him.

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