“I’m Pregnant for Your Husband”: Drama as Lady Tells Nursing Mum About Sleeping With Her Man

A mild drama ensued when a prank star approached a nursing mother and told her she is sleeping with her husband

The nursing mother was sad and taken aback, but she stood up stoutly and faced the lady, not knowing it was a prank

The woman refused to allow the lady to drop her bag in her house as she stood up and angrily blocked the door

A prank video shows the moment a lady carried her bag to a man’s house, saying she is pregnant for him.

The man’s wife was the one at home when the prank star arrived with her bag, claiming to be carrying her husband’s baby.

The man’s wife did not know that the lady was recording a prank, so she stood up and confronted her.

When the prank star insisted on entering the house and occupying her own space, the woman, who is a nursing mother, refused.

The nursing mother stood up and gave her baby to someone and then confronted the prank star fully.

She refused to allow her to gain access to the building and said she was not aware that her husband got anyone pregnant.

When the lady insisted, she readjusted her wrapper as if she was getting ready to fight her.

The video has gone viral and generated many reactions on TikTok where it was posted by @goldmillion21.

Watch the video below:

click the link below to watch video


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