Meet the little boy who has gone viral because of his creativity in playing the bottle flip challenge.

A young boy who played the bottle flip challenge all alone has gone viral and elicited many reactions on TikTok In a video, the boy played the viral game confidently, and he successfully flipped the bottle and made it to stand At the moment, the video has gathered over 100k likes, more than 2k comments and views on TikTok

Over 100k fans have liked the video of a handsome little boy who played the bottle flip challenge alone. The video, posted on April 29 by @officialpelusky has gathered more than 759k views on TikTok alone.

In the clip, the little boy, who looks very handsome and confident, squats under a tree and plays the flip challenge alone.

He took the plastic bottle which had water in it, and aimed perfectly before flipping it with a lot of seriousness in his face.

The bottle tumbled in the air and landed perfectly on its bottom. The accuracy was so good that even the boy smiled in happiness.

His smile and his handsomeness have melted a lot of hearts who have come across the video on TikTok.

Many of his fans took to the comment section to express their admiration for the boy.

click the link below to watch video

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