“Wetin Principal Wan Do?” SS1 Student Reportedly Acquires a Lexus Car, Drives it to School in Trending Video

Mixed reactions have trailed a video showing the new whip which reportedly belonged to an SS1 student The young boy brought the Lexus car to school and showed it off while male students gathered around him excitedly Many netizens frowned a the moral decadence among young lads, while a few defended the boy saying he probably worked for it

A senior secondary school student caused a stir in school as he showed off his new Lexus car which he reportedly bought. In a viral video @Otunbakush1 shared on Twitter, the boy was not in clear view but many excited male students flocked around a car.

The excited students made faces for the camera. @Otunbakush1 claimed that the boy drove the car to the school.

The netizen who found it hilarious wondered what the principal would do. He wrote:

“SS1 Student don buy Lexus wetin Principal wan do like this….e even carry ham go school.”

Reactions on social media

@tosinjones_gidi said:

“Everybody go soon use everybody for money, Now this boys parents won’t ask what their son did to make money but some atenuje parents will celebrate and be happy Omo.

” @slimwishBone said:

“2003 as an ss1 student when I used my friend’s brown timberland my questioned where I got a shoe she didn’t know when I bought it? These days ppl don’t ask the questions about source of wealth esp when u have no job.”

@B0lutife said:

“Why are Nigerians forming anger here? Sebi we all agreed that EFCC should face politicians alone and leave yahooboys? Hypocrites!”

@DareHtr said:

“There are literally 14 y/os in China, India and some other countries writing code, doing crypto etc. They aren’t tagged fraudsters but many backward thinking people in Nigeria will say every kid that buys a car does fraud. Smh.”

@blackash31 said:

“A society that prioritizes money over everything else is heading for disaster.”

@Komilothbrokk said:

“I got this celebration when I was able to buy a basketball in SS1. There’s a big problem.”

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