“Roof-tearing and Heartwarming”: Talented Children Do Tough Break Dance Invented by Michael Jackson(video)

A video of a group of children dancing like Michael Jackson has gone viral on Facebook In the trending video, one of the children, a boy, who started the dance did marvelously well The children who have mastered the act of break dancing like the popular global artist who is now late demonstrated it in a way that captured the attention of the audience

A group of children took Michael Jackson’s break dancing style to a whole new level within the space of one minute in the video. The children danced vigorously using their legs and hands to remake some of the most popular breakdance moves.

Dancing like Michael Jackson

Many social media users who saw the video appreciated the children’s electrifying performance and wished they could dance like that.

As of publishing the report, the video has gathered over 6000 views with hundreds of comments on Facebook.

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