Korra Obidi hypes Janemena as she twerks scantily clad with chieftaincy cap

The well-known twerk queen Janemena has come under fire from online users due to a recent video she posted.

Janemena posted a video of herself on Instagram in scant clothing, without a brassiere, and with a white piece of material around her waist acting as a makeshift skirt.

Additionally, the dancer had an Igbo chieftaincy cap on her head, which infuriated online commenters who questioned her adherence to tradition.

Janemena danced sensually in the music video to “Obi,” the most recent song by Korra Obidi.

She added these captions to the video:

“Something light for y’all this Friyayyyy😍
Plus I’m super happy today and I want to post 15 businesses on my story for free. Tell us what you sell? I will be selecting randomly.
Let’s goooooo💃🏽”

Tackling Janemena, an IG user identified as @theodora_igboaruk wrote:

“Dnt use that cap for such pls. Dnt u have respect for Igbo traditional cap? Na abo ike na a ga ghari”

Replying she wrote:

“@theodora_igboaruk my love no vex, but please translate the Igbo😫.”

Korra Obidi who also stumbled on the comment mildly chided the netizen for reprimanding Janemena.

“@theodora_igboaruk Zukwanike. One love,” she wrote.

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