“She Is Not Human”: People Gather as Strange Lady Appears at Lagos Bus Stop in Coloured Gown and Barefoot

A strange lady has caused a stir on social media after she was spotted at a bus stop with a very full hair In the trending clip shared online, the lady stood still and acted so strangely as someone filmed her The video has gone viral on social media with several people asking questions to know what might have gone wrong

A beautiful black lady created a scene at a bus stop in Lagos state after she was spotted acting strangely. In the surprising video shared online by @babybliss01, the lady was seen in a very full hair and flowing gown without footwear.

Eyewitnesses gathered at the scene while some moved closer to take a clearer look at her. Some bike men also stopped their bikes to watch.

The clip has been making rounds online and everyone had different things to say about the young lady.

@thereallifepanda411 said:

“That weavon make she lose am use am do like 10 wigs then share to skit maker, she fit later but bone straight.”

@user1585848704700 reacted:

“The bike man sef dey surprise, see as he stop he dey look the girl, how this one put wig for head no be say u be mother of river.”

@your_girlfriend554 stated:

“Make she no near fire oo or boom.”

@realola70 said:

“I saw her yesterday in my street I wan run Walai Ontop of bike Buh e pain me say I no carry snap.”

@mobola022 said:

“Person no fit wait for bustop again.”

@neefehmee76 remarked:

“She no be human being na akudaya.

” @kivajames stated:

“Make them kukuma give am Nigeria problems to carry. she fit balance am well.

” @janessurprises added:

“The okada man stop look am well.”

Watch the video below:


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