“Reality Check”: Whitemoney Reveals How He Was Bounced Out of a Place by the Gateman

Nigerian singer Whitemoney explained how he was kicked off an establishment by the gateman In a recent video, the BBNaija star revealed that despite his fame and money, he was treated like a common man and kicked off the space with his friend Whitemoney’s revelation sparked different reactions on social media, with netizens pointing out something else they noticed

Big Brother Naija star Whitemoney learned the hard way that his money and fame do not amount to anything in some people’s eyes. In a video that has made the rounds on social media, the reality star explained that reality dawned on him when a mere gateman kicked him and his friend off an establishment.

Whitemoney added that the fame and money he recently acquired did nothing for him as power was the only factor that would have saved him, and he didn’t have it.

While telling the story, the BBNaija star relieved the moment and burst into laughter.

Watch the video below:

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