“PalmPay Dey Come”: Woman Wakes Up, Takes Her PoS and Runs in Prank Video, She Warns Daughter

A woman quickly stood up from sleep when her daughter told her PalmPay officials were close by The woman got angry and strictly warned the daughter after realising that it was all a prank to get her attention Many people who reacted to the woman’s video found it so funny that the woman was also owing PalmPay

A young Nigerian lady (@cyndy_pek) got many people laughing hard when she woke her mother up from sleep and told her Palmpay officials were coming. The woman quickly got up and was almost running when she was told that it was all a prank. The mother was furious.

She told her daughter never to play such a prank with her anymore. When the lady asked her mother if she was owing Palmpay, the woman wondered if there was anyone who was not.

Many people who watched the video were amazed by the woman’s sudden reaction on hearing the word “PalmPay”.

Click the link below to watch video:


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