“Leave Me Alone”: Video of Davido Angrily Walking Out on His Manager Tells Him He Is ‘Tired’, Stirs Reactions

Internationally renowned Nigerian singer Davido has been on an incredible run of non-stop engagements since he made his comeback to music after his six months hiatus In a trending clip online, the singer was seen getting upset with his manager Asa Asika when he called him to do a promo gig; Davido reacted and walked out on him Asa, in the caption of the clip, couldn’t help but hail his boss calling him the hardest worker in the game while noting that he had him doing different promo gigs all-day

A video clip of ace Nigerian singer Davido angrily walking out on his friend and manager, Asa Asika, stirred reactions online. In the trending clip, Asa could be held telling Davido that he could finally take a break now and go get some deserved rest.

In response to Asa, Davido lashed out, saying, ‘Leave me alone, I’m tired’ as he walked away.

Asa, in the clip’s caption, noted that Davido was angry because he had been doing several promo gigs every morning since they landed in Dubai.

The music manager then went on to hail Davido as the hardest worker in the game (music industry).

Watch the trending clip of Davido getting angry with Asa Asika below:

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