ICYMI: A viral video of a wedding guest wearing a revealing outfit has sparked reactions on social media.

The guest, dressed in an asoebi outfit, received mixed reactions from netizens, with many criticising her choice of clothing.

The incident again highlighted the ongoing debate over appropriate dress codes for weddings and other formal events.

Someone wrote: “Women just need to stop this. This is totally offensive to look at. Very trashy.”

A video from a wedding reception has gone viral on social media as it captures an asoebi lady’s daring outfit In the viral clip, she is seen dancing, dressed in a gown with a thigh-high opening at the front and a lowcut neckline Several fashion lovers on social media who saw the video have slammed the lady for her inappropriate dress choice

When it comes to asoebi fashion, ladies tend to be as stylish, classy and as daring as possible. Sometimes, a little too daring – as is the case in a video currently making the rounds online. In the clip, two asoebi ladies show off their dance moves with what appears to be one of the groomsmen.

While the dance isn’t out of place for a wedding, the dress design of one of the asoebi ladies has left many people appalled and some, angry.

She is seen in a burnt orange dress – the same as the other lady. Only hers featured a more skin-revealing design comprising a dramatic thigh-high opening in the front with a low-cut neckline staying put with the help of a single tulle strap.

Check out the video below:

Many people who saw the video expressed displeasure over the lady’s revealing choice of outfit which many deemed inappropriate for a wedding.


“I think it depends on who the celebrants are too. Madness dey look face sha. And there are some people you cannot keep as friends or invite to important events.

” king_jozef:

“I think we should begin to hold conversations about not letting kids into wedding reception venues . They can attend the church solemnization but definitely not the reception … Coz I mean look at this on display , you’d really want your 7yr old lil bridesmaid daughter to see all this coz u chose to bring her to a wedding reception?” Read more: 


“So tacky .. if they call her names now some will say stop body shaming ur fellow woman .. SMH.

” bkny_belicious:

“Women just need to stop this. This is totally offensive to look at. Very trashy.”


“Wearing rubbish all in the name of fashion.”


“Every since people started dressing indecently and claim it to be what they are comfortable in, she is comfortable in her dress. We are getting there gradually.”

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