Wife Dances, Shakes Waist as Mother-in-Law Comes to Visit, Brings Plenty Food

A video which captured the bond between mother-in-law and wife has gone viral on TikTok In the viral video, the girl could be seen dancing as soon as the mother-in-law visited their home They both wrapped their arms across each other arms showing the camaraderie between the mother of the husband and the happy wife

A Nigerian wife who is satisfied with her mother in law danced as soon as she arrived to visit them in their home. The excited wife could not contain her joy as she made different dance moves, shaking waits to express how delighted she was to see her.

The mother of the husband who also understood the importance of gift came with different kinds of raw food which may have contributed to the lady’s joy.

Many social media users who watched the movie noted that the lady was lucky to find a mother-in-law that love her.

The video has generated of a lot attention on TikTok and amassed thousands of likes.



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